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About us

Here at Marston’s our purpose is to bring people together to enjoy more positive and meaningful experiences. We do this by empowering our teams across every part of our business.

We employ over 14,000 people from our Head Office in Wolverhampton, as well as our pubs, breweries, and depots with each and every role offering an opportunity to achieve more from your career.


"Every day is different"

I’ve met some amazing people and learnt so many different skills in this job. We’re not just managers, my team is my family and that’s why I love it. I feel I can make a difference, and that’s what it’s all about. It’s so much more than serving food and drink.”

Our Culture

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From our diverse estate of pubs and inns to our beer business, which boasts a varied portfolio of local, national, craft and world beers, wines and spirits, we offer a vast range of exciting career opportunities.

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Become the heart of your community with the Marston’s team and enjoy more support, more freedom and more flexibility.

With our range of over 450 community, food led and town centre pubs, we are passionate about delivering an excellent customer experience. When you join our team of experienced, commercially-minded managers, you’ll play an important part in ensuring that we achieve this shared goal.

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Matt Jones

Hi, I'm Matt

Area Operations Manager

Matt Jones started his career at 18, working part time at The Manor House in Whittington while studying for his degree. Since then, he’s been Supervisor, Assistant Manager, Front-of-House Trainer and a Training Team Leader, all before landing his dream role of Area Operations Manager earlier this year.

“I love that every single day is different and you never know what you’ll be dealing with from one day to the next – it gives me a real buzz. I also love the people because they care about development. You’re pushing against an open door at Marston’s; if you want to try something new and build your skills, it’s never off the table.”

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